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Slimming World: Pros and Cons, My Experience

Slimming World: Pros and Cons People who are closer to me knows that I'm not body positive. They know that I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. And they know that I struggled for years to lose weight and be healthy. Before I continue I need to clarify something. I do not support the "body positive" "movement" regarding overweight women,  for one main reason it is not healthy. I have an example, my sister and my mother. They are both obese like me, but they don't have a problem with the way they look. They are not healthy, but they are comfortable in their skin. Being comfortable can only create excuses for a non healthy life style. One the other hand, I truly support body positiveness in regards, for example, birthmarks, stretch marks and anything body - ly that doesn't affect the health of a person. Now back to the topic. So for years I [...]

September 16th, 2017|

Airbnb: From Hosts to Guests, The DO’s and DON’ts

This post is all about Airbnb s, from Hosts to guests, the Do's and Don'ts.   Airbnb accommodations are apparently a big trend at the moment. It was last week I think I saw a video from Vicegr regarding airbnbs in Athens. What they were saying in the video was that last summer a lot of tourists chose airbnbs to stay in Athens.  Not, only that, but according to some people in the video landlords were evicting their tenants in order to list their apartments on Airbnb. If something like that is true, then we live in a really mental world! But that just shows how successful Airbnbs are! I believe that it really is something very positive (not the eviction part - if it's true), as it helps the economy to grow. In addition it is a huge help for tourists who are now able to stay in places where no hotels or BnB's are available. [...]

September 9th, 2017|

Milan City Break Part 4

Fondazione Prada - Milan This is the 4th and last part of my trip in Milan, which I took a  few months ago with my partner. You can click and read  the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. This last part is dedicated to one museum only,  the Fondazione Prada. We went there on the last day of our trip, but I wish we had gone there sooner. The ticket for the museum was also for the observatory which is located at Milan city centre. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to visit it, maybe next time... The museum The Fondazione Prada is not just one building, but multiple.  Each building had a different exhibition. Regarding the architecture I could say that it was a mixture of modern buildings with some classic details... One of the most iconic buildings of the Museum is the below gold building. It is like a lighthouse, [...]

August 20th, 2017|

Milan City Break Part 3

Milan City Break Part 3 Click to read Part 1 & Part 2 So in our trip to Milan we visited a lot of places. One of the museums we visited was the Triennale di Milano. We saw 3 exhibitions, but I'm only going to write about two. The first exhibition is about an amazing architect and designer Mario Bellini. The second is "Elegantia" by Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys. This post is more like a photographic one. These exhibitions are now over. Mario Bellini Mario Bellini is an Italian architect and designer. He has designed many things from furniture to buildings. What I find fascinating is the way he works. From quick sketching, to perspective drawings, to material experimentation. Furthermore, to amazing final architecture models and visualisations. His furnitures and designs have a flow. Like they are alive and breathe. These are the architectural models. Most of the models are full of curves, waves and a flow.... [...]

August 8th, 2017|

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