"Everything I do is a symbol. Everything, has a meaning." Starck


DIY: Cushion Covers

DIY: Cushion Covers no zip needed! This DIY project is the easiest that exists in the world of the "do it yourself" projects. There are many guides on Pinterest and on Youtube, one only needs to type "DIY cushion cover" and hundreds of results will appear. In this post, I'll show you the easiest way to make a cover. I think it's called something like "envelope" or "folded" cushion covers. The reasons I like this way of making a cover is first because I don't need a zip. In my untrained mind zips are tricky to place. Second, you can make the covers without even the use of a sewing machine! You can just use a hemming strip and an iron to "glue" the edges, or maybe you could use fabric glue? I know this way might not be as effective as sewing them, either by using a machine or by hand. But if you want [...]

August 16th, 2018|

Belfast Exposed Gallery: Islands and Myths Exhibition

Islands and Myths, Belfast Exposed Gallery I truly believe that art is for everybody and I mean EVERYBODY. Forget social status, colours, races, disabilities, or whatever else silly people might think to divide human beings, Art IS FOR ALL! And Belfast Exposed Gallery is open to all. Art also has the magic power to raise awareness for different things smaller or bigger. Things that we might ignore or that might exist in our unconscious nous. Art can also make us see the world through somebody else's eyes or just different. Art is magical indeed. But this post isn't just about Art in general, is about a specific exhibition called "Islands & Myths" and is taking place in Belfast Exposed Gallery until 18/8/18. Three artists participate in this exhibition, Sanne De Wilde, Nicholas Muellner and Jon Tonks. These three artists use photography as their medium to take the visitors on a journey with them. On a journey to foreign, distant islands. [...]

July 28th, 2018|

The Taboo of living with Dyslexia

Dyslexia The last few years, many things changed in my life. Things that made me understand better why I was experiencing the world they way I did. One of these things was the results from a psychological assessment for Dyslexia. When I moved to N.I. I decided to make a clean start! I thought that now it's time to follow my dream and  finally do something that I love! In Greece it was almost impossible to do that, especially when you are not size zero with blonde hair and you don't know somebody in a powerfull position. Anyway... So, I moved to Northern Ireland and I decided that I wanted to study something "art and design" related! The next steps were to go to classes to improve my English, to prepare a portfolio with drawings (I had never really draw in my life) and to finally apply to the university for the Foundation Yr of Art & Design! [...]

July 23rd, 2018|

Andy By Design, Human Design

Andy By Design, Human Design Well, I'm imagining myself saying "Andy By Design, Human Design" in a James Bond style like "My name is Bond, James Bond". It's very interesting how people always assume that because of the "by Design" my website is all about design. But that's only half of the truth behind my website's name. The other half-truth is that the name is referring to me being who I am. More specifically,  the way I have been designed to be by the universe. I know this doesn't say much so let me explain it a bit more. There is a theory that we all have been designed to behave in a certain way. Astrology, for example, takes our birth day, time and place to determine our personality and some general characteristics. In astrology what is important is the alignment of planets and stars in a specific timestamp. On the other hand, Human [...]

July 17th, 2018|

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