About Me

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Hello there!


What is my name?
  • My name is Andy Athanasiou
Where do I live?
  • My partner and I, moved to Northern Ireland from Greece in 2012.
What do I do?
  • I am a postgraduate student of Ulster University studying towards my Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). I graduated with a BDes (Hons) Interior Design from Ulster University on July 2017. In all my designs I tend to be meticulous in my research, focus in details and space aesthetics and always try to find innovative and unique designs. Although I am proficient in all relative software such as autocad, photoshop, lightroom, indesign and rhino, I have a special preference in more traditional creative methods such as model making and drawing.
  • I was accepted as an art and design foundation year student at Ulster University in 2013. I had a variety of introductionary courses in sculpturing, painting, typography, printmaking, photography, fashion, ceramics and interior design. My final discipline choice was interior design as I discovered that this was my  personal calling. It was a very productive and exciting year of my life as I was able to see and experiment with so many different forms of art. As an interior design student I am engaged in a challenging and interesting work on a daily basis. During my studies so far I learned how to think creatively and how the design process works.
What did I do in Greece?
  • I attended a technical college where I received a diploma in Information & Technology. During my studies I learnt programming languages and  IT networks. For my last year’s major project I worked within a team where every member had a different role in the creation of an online library. My role within that project was the creation of an Apache linux server. My practical placement post afterwards was at ATE bank (now called Peiraious Bank) for 3 months where I had secretarial duties. From that experience I polished my organisational skills and learned how to contribute and coorporate as part of a team.
  • When I finished my placement I further continued my studies at Thessaloniki’s Technological University in the discipline of agricultural science. There I cultivated my patience and learned how to live and nourish the nature. I studied garden design, how to care for indoor plants and  recognise trees. At the same time I was working part time in Isquare (Apple’s official distributer in Greece) as an action team member. During that post  I communicated with clients and helped them, as part of an action team. Furthermore I also worked part time for 3 months at the University’s farm where my job was to care about plants, greenhouses and help my Tutors.
  • In 2012 I stopped my studies and decided to come with my partner to reside in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I decided to grasp that opportunity to change my career and study an art related subject as this has been my passion all my life. In order to achieve this goal I attended a variety of art classes in our local art centre along with English courses before being accepted at Ulster University.