About Valanti

Valanti (or Andy) Athanasiou is a Visual Artist, Interior Designer and Blogger living in Northern Ireland.  She is currently an MFA student studying Fine Art at Ulster University, Belfast, U.K.

Artist Statement

In my practice I question, explore and investigate how space, either natural or manmade, affects human perception and emotions. I am interested in the unseen world of everyday unnoticed places and objects and also in the invisible world of the cosmos. As an amateur astronomer from a very young age I am keen not to just stargaze into the night sky but also to explore and share the subliminal feeling of terror and awe.

I use different media such as photography, video, printmaking, painting and installations to express the subliminal emotions experienced in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial spaces and places. Through my artwork I try to provoke and materialise a sense of loss, challenge interpretations and explore the consequence this has to the essence of ideas, beyond the meaning or interpretation linked with everyday words. As I believe beauty can be found not in perfection but also in everything surrounding us, I focus on the unpresentable, the transcendent and the uncanny.