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Well, I’m imagining myself saying “Andy By Design, Human Design” in a James Bond style like “My name is Bond, James Bond”. It’s very interesting how people always assume that because of the “by Design” my website is all about design. But that’s only half of the truth behind my website’s name.

The other half-truth is that the name is referring to me being who I am. More specifically,  the way I have been designed to be by the universe. I know this doesn’t say much so let me explain it a bit more. There is a theory that we all have been designed to behave in a certain way. Astrology, for example, takes our birth day, time and place to determine our personality and some general characteristics. In astrology what is important is the alignment of planets and stars in a specific timestamp. On the other hand, Human Design is more evolutionary.

Human Design

Human Design not only describes who we are but also how we affect each other. Similarly to Astrology, it uses the day, time and place of our birth, but additionally it takes into consideration one more day. That Day is 88 days (which is around 3 months) before our birth and is then when Neutrinos pass through us inside the womb and create our Design. There are other theories, saying that our soul (for those who believe that we have one) enters our body 3 months before our birthday. Of course, there are other theories saying that the soul is never fully in our body, but anyway, that’s another discussion for another time.

Back to Human Design now. I think it’s important before I continue, to write first some information about the origins of Human Design.

Human Design was “given” to Ra Uru Hu or Alan (Robert) Krakower by a “Voice” for 8 days, on January 3, 1987, while he was in Ibiza, Spain. Ra was always sceptical and didn’t believe in things like metaphysics, mysticism, etc and he thought that he went crazy. Now, a small parenthesis here, what Ra said and experienced might all be true or they might all be a lie. I believe that we are free to believe whatever we like. Also, a lot of the things that Ra said aren’t new.

Now, let’s move on from Ra, as I don’t believe he is the most important aspect of Human Design.

Human Design is a combination of different systems. As I said Ra didn’t really “discovered” something new but he and his team “created” and combined some different theories, gave some interpretations and voila!

Human Design Graph.

Human Design is a combination of Astrology, I’Ching, Chakra system, The Tree of Life of Kabbalah and on the other hand Genetics (Molecular Biology), Astronomy and Quantum Physics.

The combination of the above systems gives us the bodygraph, (similarly in astrology we have the birth chart):

And this is how the Human Design System is becoming visual.

You can see that there are 9 Centres (instead of 7 in the classical Chakra System).

Each Centre has a number of Gates corresponding to I’ching (the outer circle).

And each gate corresponds to a planet and a star (inner circle).

Your Bodygraph

There are different web pages where you can find out your bodygraph, some of them are the,,, This bodygraph is from the Here it is:

This is the simplest form of your Design! There are other forms, more complicated and with more details.

But what these graphs tell us?

The brilliance of Human Design is “hidden” behind the two columns beside the centres.

The Black Column shows our “Personality” or who we think we are and is the day of our birth. It is also our conscious self.

The Red Column shows our “Design” or who we really are and is 88 days before our birth. This is our unconscious self. The goal is to try and be conscious of our Design.

The Centres from top to bottom, are the Head, Ajna, Throat, G, Ego, Sacral, left of Sacral is Spleen, right is the Emotional and Below is the Root centre.

When these centres are coloured it means that they are defined and that you have access to its properties, when a centre is white “undefined” it means that it’s not fixed and that you are affected – conditioned by the environment – people/animals (who have these centres defined) around you.  Also, each centre has a “not-self” aspect, a dark side if you like.

The types

There are 5 types in Human Design, Projectors, Reflectors, Manifestors, Generators and Manifesting Generators.

Each type has a different purpose, Strategy and Authority in Life.


Reading a BodyGraph

When you visit the website to create your bodygraph you will get something like this:

In this graph, you can see clearly Your  Type, Your Profile, Your Strategy, Your (Inner) Authority, and Your Defined and Undefined Centres.

These are the most important things you need to know in order to make decisions and to interact with others.


Human Design is also a great decision – making tool. For example, I am a generator, and my strategy is to respond, my sister is a projector and her strategy is to wait for an invitation and recognition, my partner is a Manifestor and his strategy is to inform before acting.

When people live according to their Strategy, they eliminate resistance! This is a great thing really, and I have a personal experience regarding this. For example, as a generator I’m here to work and to respond not to initiate like Manifestors (or Manifesting Generators MG), I’m an energy type. So every time I was looking for work in the past, I was initiating something and every time I was failing! All the jobs I found were through my network (but that’s unique to me as my profile is 4/6 and the 4 is the opportunities through the network) and me responding to my network’s “demands”. But if somebody is a generator and has a different type like for example 5/1 will respond in a different way to things that appear in front of them!

The other important tool is Authority.


Authority can help us make the decision. For example, if your authority is emotional then it means that before you make any decision you need to sleep on it. If your Authority is like mine sacral, it means that you need to listen to your instinct before any decision making!

Gates – Channels

Each Gate and channel has a different meaning and name. Apparently, Ra gave to these Gates and channels names and interpretations so he can copyright them cause he couldn’t copyright the original I’Ching Gates. If you want to learn more about a particular gate just google it, or you can find human design self – study groups on facebook where you can ask for more information.


So that was a short version of what Human Design is. And that’s how my website’s name was created! I’m by design a designer, a thinker, a problem spotter, I  have a practical mind, full of ideas, I’m not fixed of who I am, I am everything, I don’t have a fixed way of talking, I can understand others and I can feel their emotions.

Lastly, Human Design might sound amazing, but some people believed that it is limited and fixed. These people thought that Human Design is so great that it shouldn’t be fixed, and therefore, they created Gene Keys ( The founder of Gene Keys Richard Rudd was Ra’s student. Gene Keys System is similar to Human Design but it has a very important difference. Gene Keys took the I’Ching gates from Human Design and created lower and higher frequencies. So Gene keys have different names and promote that we have the potential to change our gates’ frequencies and become better!


So I’m Andy, Andy by Design, Human Design and I don’t have any other choice but to be myself or my even higher self.



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