16 08, 2018

DIY: Cushion Covers

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DIY: Cushion Covers no zip needed! This DIY project is the easiest that exists in the world of the "do it yourself" projects. There are many guides on Pinterest and on Youtube, one only needs to type "DIY cushion cover" and hundreds of results will appear. In this post, I'll show you the easiest way to make a cover. I think it's called something like "envelope" or "folded" cushion covers. The [...]

30 01, 2016

D.I.Y. Spiral Spinner!

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DIY Spiral Spinner   This DIY project was very unexpected. I was trying to figure out how a spiral staircase works. Not any usual staircase, but a DNA staircase. A DNA staircase looks like the DNA chain, with the double helix. It has stairs on both sides. I wanted to explore how the structure in this particular staircase works. But then again, it was not only about the structure, but [...]