DIY: Cushion Covers no zip needed!

This DIY project is the easiest that exists in the world of the “do it yourself” projects. There are many guides on Pinterest and on Youtube, one only needs to type “DIY cushion cover” and hundreds of results will appear. In this post, I’ll show you the easiest way to make a cover. I think it’s called something like “envelope” or “folded” cushion covers.

The reasons I like this way of making a cover is first because I don’t need a zip. In my untrained mind zips are tricky to place. Second, you can make the covers without even the use of a sewing machine! You can just use a hemming strip and an iron to “glue” the edges, or maybe you could use fabric glue? I know this way might not be as effective as sewing them, either by using a machine or by hand. But if you want to try something and experiment you can do whatever you like using any method!

Now, back to the cushion covers!

First of all, you need to choose some fabrics. I wouldn’t suggest you buy only expensive ones. It is a good practice to try and make one cover using an inexpensive fabric. This way, you will learn from your mistakes and you will not damage your good and expensive ones.

I bought mine from IKEA and Dunelm.

diy cushion cover

I already had pillows to put inside the covers and I knew the size of them. So I bought half to one meter from each design. I also bought a white fabric to put on the back of the covers. The white fabric was cheaper from the designed ones. And in this way, I could do more covers with the same design. Hope that makes sense.

Cushion Cover Instructions

There are two ways to make this cover.

The first and more difficult one is to use 3 pieces of fabric. One For the front and two for the back. If you do it this way, you will need to sew 6 edges overall. Two to attach the three pieces together, two to hem the edges, and two to “close” the envelope.

The second and easiest way only have 4 edges to sew.

I have used both ways to make cushion covers. You can choose the one that suits your style more!

In the image below you can see where you need to sew for the second way.

cushion cover instructions

My cushions are 50x50cm. Therefore, I needed one piece of fabric 54cm x 115-120 cm. 54cm is the short dimension, 50cm is the cushion size plus 2cm on each side so I can have space to sew.  The 115cm the longer side can be divided into three parts (as you can see in the diagram above). 50cm for the cushion’s front. Plus 30-35 cm for the two parts on the back of the cushion (see the left and right rectangles beside the central square like piece in the diagram).

The general rule is to add 10 to 20cm more to the back. For example, if your cushion is 30x30cm, you’ll need to have a single piece of fabric with dimension 34x70cm. 30cm for the front and 20+20cm for the back.

So once I cut the fabric I sewed the one edge as it had some printing marks and I didn’t want them to be visible. (see the yellow lines on the diagram saying “hem edge”)

Learning from Mistakes

When I started sewing the other side I realised that I made a mistake! You see, for my cushions which are 50x50cm I  needed a single fabric which was supposed to be approx. 54x115cm. But, I cut my fabric shorter by 35 cm! I wanted to cry, or slap myself.

Anyway, fortunately, I had more fabric, but that meant more sewing! You can see in the photo below, the fabric on top is the new 30-35cm piece which I sewed it with the rest of the fabric. (see the black line) Also, I always like to sew two lines just to be safe in case the one brakes.

After this small mistake, everything was ready for the final part! Also, I didn’t hem the edge of the new smaller piece as it was clean of printing marks! Phew!

Finally! In the diagram (two photos above) now we are in the second bottom square.

I folded the fabric and the only thing left was to sew the two sides together! (see the black lines -marks on the photo above or the green lines on the diagram)

Final Results!

Overall, I made 6 cushion covers! Four of them are for my sister. The two below are for me. The pink dotted one isn’t ready yet. I’m going to order some pink pom poms to glue where the dots are, just to add more texture!

I love these yellow covers! The bow was really tricky to make but I’ve managed! The one with the red pom pom trim was really easy, as I just glued the trim! I used a washable fabric glue, which I bought from Dunelm. But I guess you can find something similar in craft shops and of course on Amazon and ebay.

Last, but not least, these two colourful covers! You can see on these two that the back side was made with a white fabric and not the same as the front.

It was honestly very fun to make them! My sewing machine is very old and I had several problems with it, but it was worth it! Hope you liked it as much as I did! Also, I hope you will try it out and you make some amazingly creative cushion covers!





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