It’s February and the year changed one and a half months ago, but the new Buddhist year changes tomorrow, so I guess I can still wish “happy new year”.  But that’s not the point of this post; to wish happy new year, or fear.

The way I see it is that every year (like every day) we are closer to our death (Oh, no, I’m speaking for such a sad/dark thing, boohoo, get over it).  Yep, that’s the reality everyday we wake up and we should be grateful for that cause there are people who didn’t.

But nevertheless, to celebrate and wish “happy” new year? Let’s be honest, we all know how our year will go. It will be the same as the previous one. Unfortunately, things don’t change. What of course changes is our health. SO why not to wish healthy new year?

Anyway, I am wishing you all a healthy new year. A year of awakening, enlightenment and if possible happiness and joy.

And I say if possible happiness cause is really hard for people to be happy nowadays. TV, radio, magazines, adverts, all promote a lifestyle that people will never be able to achieve and be sad about it or will struggle to have more and more and be sad that they don’t have enough to be what they think they want.

Life should flow, should be easily lived. I’m not saying that we should be lazy no. I’m saying that people have made life so complicated that newborns are doomed to be sad. Isn’t that sad?

Life should be flawless, like a summer breeze. People will always struggle, but isn’t much better to struggle creatively? To struggle for your real dreams, for your pure passions, for your innocent journey?

It’s not like I don’t like life, my feelings are more towards people and it’s not like I don’t like them. I guess it’s probably the system that I don’t like and the people who nourish it. But that’s life and we all live that life and we follow the rules, which are most of the times necessary.  And are necessary cause people have forgotten what is ethical, moral, right, fair. Not only that, but what is right or not, ethical or not is different in cultures, countries, religions. Women don’t have rights in some countries. Kids are slaves in some others. And all these are their system, are their rules, everybody follows these rules in these countries.

So can you tell me that by wishing happy new year these people will be happy? Can you tell me that my wish will make them happy?

Well, I don’t think so… Unfortunately, our wishes aren’t enough for the system to change and to be fair for everyone.

Anyway, 2017 is gone, and it was a year like all the others with stress, sad, happy moments, crazy moments.

But I chose to keep only the good moments, at least for this post. And the good ones were like 3 things.

1. I saw the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, in London.

new year

2. In July I finally graduated from the hell.

new year

3. In September I saw the Dalai Lama in Derry/ Londonderry!

new year

Amazing, right?

And of course in the end of September I started my Master, but I don’t consider it a good thing, not yet, maybe I’ll change opinion in a couple of weeks, months, years, or in another life, well who knows!

In conclusion, 2017 was an ok year, 2018 I’m not so sure, we’ll see. The best strategy is to respond to everything that comes in my way and that I’ll do!

So, healthy new Losar everybody!




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