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The Dictatorship of the Communistic Neo-architecture

Let me ask you a question, have you been in any property site lately? Have you maybe been browsing the new developments in your area? Have you noticed anything significant? My answer to my questions is that yes, I have been on property sites almost every day, to see new developments not just in my area but in the southeast Northern Ireland, or wherever in Northern Ireland you can see the sea. And yes, unfortunately I've noticed something very unpleasant. I've noticed that regarding the new development there is a communistic neo-architectural dictatorship. I guess you might wonder (or maybe not?) what I mean by "communistic neo-architectural dictatorship". Well, in communistic regimes houses used to be the same. One house next to the other. Most commonly apartment buildings, like a brutalistic block of concrete. A block that contains apartments one on top of each other and next to the other. People lived in houses without personality. Houses [...]

March 12th, 2018|

Hands: the eyes of the soul

Hands, the eyes of the soul. I remember something very interesting my tutor told me a few years ago. It  was when I was preparing my portfolio for the Foundation year of Art and Design at Ulster University. A bit of a story here. You see, when I moved to Northern Ireland I didn't really know how to draw. So I enrolled in a couple of drawing classes and I had a private tutor to help me prepare the portfolio. My tutor was very kind, and as I have said many times, I felt like I had a mother here in Northern Ireland in this  strange new place. Anyway, I am really and forever grateful to her. Now on hands. So, she was regularly giving me tasks to do at home. One of those tasks was to draw my face, like a portrait drawing. The interesting part was that I had to draw my [...]

February 22nd, 2018|

New Years are never truly happy

It's February and the year changed one and a half months ago, but the new Buddhist year changes tomorrow, so I guess I can still wish "happy new year".  But that's not the point of this post; to wish happy new year, or fear. The way I see it is that every year (like every day) we are closer to our death (Oh, no, I'm speaking for such a sad/dark thing, boohoo, get over it).  Yep, that's the reality everyday we wake up and we should be grateful for that cause there are people who didn't. But nevertheless, to celebrate and wish "happy" new year? Let's be honest, we all know how our year will go. It will be the same as the previous one. Unfortunately, things don't change. What of course changes is our health. SO why not to wish healthy new year? Anyway, I am wishing you all a healthy new year. A year [...]

February 15th, 2018|

Interior Design: What is really about.

Hello all! Now that I graduated from Uni and hold an Interior Design Degree (2:1) I believe I can speak freely. I don't mean about how bad the uni was, but about what Interior Design actually is and what an Interior Designer is supposed to do. Anyway, a lot of people used to ask me (and keep asking me) what I'm doing, like if I work or not. I usually tell them that "I am student" and they were very surprised and seemed interested to learn more about my studies. And I was surprised too, I don't really expect people to show interest in studies in general. Anyhow, my response always was "I'm studying Interior Design" and after that I always received similar responses. "Wow, then decor must be your thing".  "It must be very nice to decorate houses". "When I'll paint my house, I'll ask for your help". "I want to buy a sofa [...]

December 20th, 2017|

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