Project Description

Women Art and Craft Community Centre

-This project was an Interior Design and Architecture collaboration. Architects had to create a carved space, with three different sub – spaces. The architect’s design, I chose,  was inspired by the Pyramids. Not only the triangular roof shape resembles the Pyramids but also the interior. The architect created a complex staircase to accompany the cylindrical second space, insprired by the King’s Chambers, which leads to the third space the roof.

-My approach to the design was to simplify it and redefine it, by keeping the main shapes, such as square, triangle, cylinder – circular. I also tried to introduce more natural lighting. The brief was to design the building and the interior.

Research and User group

The area where the building would conceptually be built is the Shankill area in Belfast. An industrial area which was alienated after “Matthew’s” Plan. The group I chose is the Art and Craft group, from the “Spectrum community centre” at the Shankill Road. After a visit and an informal discussion, the ladies from the group had specific needs for this new building.

They asked for a bigger space, bigger studios with sinks, a kitchen area and a cafe. It was very important for the ladies to have a space where they can socialize. They also asked for a storage space for materials but also for personal items. Furthermore, as most of the women are older in age, they asked for easy access to all the spaces of the building.


The building’s facade is placed to the North this means that the main spaces such as the studios and the cafés had to be placed in such way to have as much natural light as possible. The entrance is placed rear to the building to engage the visitor more. The roofs have different hights, creating an opening for windows and more natural light. The key element of the design is the green roof which not only provide a sustainable building but adds  a bit of green to an urban area.


The two studios are big enough to host up to 50 people. There is a by folded wall – door on the wall both rooms share. In this way they will be able to connect the two studios to host bigger events or classes. The main element of the interior is the circular pattern on the floor which continues to all the spaces. It also continues to the wall.  The two big windows on the cladded wall provide  semi – private studio spaces. There are also two accessible toilets for the needs of the visitors and a large storage area. The wall and the cladding is painted turquoise blue with white circular pattern which continues from the floor.



Sketchup pro model