Project Description

What is Interior Design?

The project was inspired by the movie “Matrix”; “Follow the white arrows” (follow the white rabbit). Matrix presents an artificial world. The world we live in, the walls, the fabrics, the curtains, the pillows but also our attitude in relation with those items. Furthermore Matrix reveals the “real” world, which exists behind the artificial one. The creators, the thinkers, the people who know how to “control” and manipulate the space and the environment in a sustainable way. The classic novel “Alice in wonderland” was also an inspiration. Big plan on the floor, small model, arrows, directions and a philosophic question: “Interior design is..?” It is like Alice eats the cookie and drinks the potion in the same time, while she is falling in the hole… We decided to use a pillow to place our question in order create an antithesis between the floor plan and the decorative accessories (pillow).Although people responded in a very positive way. Their opinions showed that young people understand that interior design is not about pillows, fabrics and curtains, but about creative thinking and innovative planning. We feel that overall people don’t think about interior design at a bigger scale. They think mostly of homes. They don’t tend to know that we as interior designers can change a space dramatically by adding or removing walls for example. We mostly do this to achieve the best of what is needed from a space.

DoP: Valanti Athanasiou

Editing: Valanti Athanasiou

Conceptual Idea: Valanti Athanasiou