Project Description

Lighting experimentations

One of the first projects we did at the University was to explore how lighting experimentations affect different structures. Also how it creates different shadows. And last how affects the human experience.

Different types of lighting can create different moods. Therefore different experiences to individuals. Here I chose to show you some of the experimentation I did with different paper structures. Paper is a convenient material. A material that can be used for Interior Design and architecture inspiration ideas.

So what I did was to take some white paper and play with. I only used a scissor where it was appropriate. What I realised was that even the thickness of the paper gives different results. Or even the quality of the light. For example I used warm and cool lighting. But also i used coloured thin paper in front of my torch. By doing that I could change the effect light has in the space. Every experiment and every trial is unique and gives different results. From a dramatic mood to intimate. Playing around with paper it is not only fun but constructive too.

Overall it was a good project. I learnt a lot about lighting and its affect to human experience.

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