Project Description

Parasitic Building, Conceptual Design

The brief for this project was to Design or redesign a ‘parasitic’ structure located on the outside of an existing building. A small, flexible space where the interior can be adapted to accommodate two (or more) different human activities.

The existing building was the Co- Op Building which was part of the Ulster University’s facilities.

Orpheus building BelfastPhoto credits Matthew Haycocks

Orpheus building Belfast

Unfortunately this beautiful historic building is now demolished. Will be replaced by  the new Ulster University’s building.

Orpheus Dims


This Parasitic Building has been designed to occupy two human activities. By day operates as a hydroponic strawberry greenhouse. By night can be used as a cocktail bar.

Inspired by Adolf’s Loos “American Bar”, I decided to place the main area of the hydroponic cultivation in the centre of the room. This space is also the Bar/ serving area and can be used as a table for the visitors to place their drinks. The main space is 2200mm x 2200mm x 2200mm. Is would be better if it was 3000mm x 3000mm x 3000mm but I thought to challenge my self and make as small as possible.

Regarding the materials steel frames and glass windows give an industrial look. Which imparts a modern touch and creates an antithesis to the urban area.


Parasitic Building

The roof  has been placed on the bottom of the building to resemble a traditional greenhouse but in a modern style.

Parasitic Building Greenhouse cocktail bar

Furthermore it is functional as it is filled with water and works as a water tank for the hydroponic cultivation.

Parasitic Building Greenhouse cocktail bar

Windows has been placed on both sides of the parasitic building. This will help in recycling the air. As the whole structure is made by glass by day the temperature and the humidity will rise. So it was necessary to add windows in order to create a livable atmosphere.

Parasitic Building Greenhouse cocktail bar

Parasitic Building Greenhouse cocktail bar

By night lighting and music will be added and the greenhouse will be transformed to a cosy bar where people can enjoy their cocktails.