Project Description

Rudolf Seiner’s Kindergarten, Riddel’s Warehouse


Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse

The warehouse is four storey building constructed in 1865 for the Riddel family which was originally served as a cast iron warehouse. The building was originally erected as an eight-bay warehouse with a central atrium, it benefits from “high Victoria” style with a mix of round end segmented arcaded stores in polychrome brick and stone. The building benefits from Newry granite ground floor construction and wide Glasgow brick above. During the years and because of its location it has changed uses and has also served as part of the Musgrave police station.

The prospective client is Rudolf Steiner Schools Fellowship. Currently, there is only one other Steiner School in Northern Ireland located in the Hollywood area.  Placing a school in the city centre will not only bring life to the city centre but also help communities from different backgrounds to come together. The brief is to design and integrate into the building a kinder garden embedded with the philosophy and educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

The kindergarten will accommodate approximately 50 children and 15 members of staff. It will realize Rudolf Steiner’s to education and theory. That includes specific spaces for the children like a sleeping area, a group area, a play area and storytelling area will be designed according to the guidelines of Steiner. Furthermore, appropriate spaces for the staff and a common area for visitors must be included. To fully meet market potentials a coffee and a market shop will be added to the design.

Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse

Key Design Elements:

– Soft Pink Colours

– Soft Corners

– Natural Materials

– Nature

– Plants

Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse


Key Spaces::

– Kindergarten Common  Room/ with kitchen

– Music, Dance Room

– Nap Room

– Inside – Outside Play Area

– Assembly Hall

– Cafe

– Plaza

Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse


Spider Diagram – Macro/Micro Zoning

Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse