Project Description

The Marrowbone Youth Centre, Conceptual Design

 We were assigned  to design a space for the Marrowbone Youth Centre. This brief war very complex as we had to design a multifunctional space for toddlers, kids and teenagers. The design had to be low budget. The different zones had to be sound proofed. Also the areas occupied by toddlers and teenagers had to be in a distance.

Plan zoning


The Marrowbone Community Design

The keywords to describe my design is minimal, geometric and colourful. I decided to place the key areas such as the library – study room and the art – social dining area in the centre of the space. The spaces are formed in triangles.

section elevation


The “walls” would be made using plywood with triangular cut outs on them. The are four outer walls where the cut outs have colourful acrylic glasses.   This would create coloured shadows and could add a playful note.



The four inner walls are also made using plywood and would have  a triangular pattern covered with acrylic glass.

section choice space library study room


My goal was to create a clean space but also playful and motivate young people to have a bright and positive life.



I chose to design in detail a relaxing area – library area, where teenagers could go there and self – reflect. Also they could there and read something and be more self cultivated.





Initial Sketches for the Marrowbone Community Design.

For me is very important when I design something to take under consideration the legislations. So it was only natural to start thinking how to create a space under regulations and legislation. A space that would also be playful and accessible by all.

In the begging I tried to create a space with lofts, stairs, elevators etc. Unfortunately the space wasn’t appropriate and could meet some regulations. That was the main reason I had to change my design. On the other hand I was informed that I shouldn’t take under consideration any regulation/ legislation. But I can’t think like that, especially when the design could potentially be materialised. So I decided to design something simple that wouldn’t need special regulations and it could be accessible and affordable.

initial sketch sketch initial sketchinitial sketch sketch