Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Riddel Warehouse

Rudolf Seiner's Kindergarten, Riddel's Warehouse   The warehouse is four storey building constructed in 1865 for the Riddel family which was originally served as a cast iron warehouse. The building was originally erected as an eight-bay warehouse with a central atrium, it benefits from “high Victoria” style with a mix of round end segmented arcaded [...]


Yoga Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down

Yoga Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down This project took place in Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Newcastle is a coastal city lying on the foothills of Mourne Mountains. Yoga Centre, Newcastle, Co. Down My first impression of Newcastle was a city in decline, decay. Almost all people were focused on a materialistic way of life ignoring all [...]


Women Art and Craft Community Centre

Women Art and Craft Community Centre -This project was an Interior Design and Architecture collaboration. Architects had to create a carved space, with three different sub - spaces. The architect’s design, I chose,  was inspired by the Pyramids. Not only the triangular roof shape resembles the Pyramids but also the interior. The architect created a complex staircase to accompany [...]


Lighting experimentations

Lighting experimentations One of the first projects we did at the University was to explore how lighting experimentations affect different structures. Also how it creates different shadows. And last how affects the human experience. Different types of lighting can create different moods. Therefore different experiences to individuals. Here I chose to show you some of the [...]