Let me ask you a question, have you been in any property site lately? Have you maybe been browsing the new developments in your area? Have you noticed anything significant? My answer to my questions is that yes, I have been on property sites almost every day, to see new developments not just in my area but in the southeast Northern Ireland, or wherever in Northern Ireland you can see the sea. And yes, unfortunately I’ve noticed something very unpleasant. I’ve noticed that regarding the new development there is a communistic neo-architectural dictatorship.

I guess you might wonder (or maybe not?) what I mean by “communistic neo-architectural dictatorship”. Well, in communistic regimes houses used to be the same. One house next to the other. Most commonly apartment buildings, like a brutalistic block of concrete. A block that contains apartments one on top of each other and next to the other. People lived in houses without personality. Houses made to accommodate workers and not human beings. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m against communism. On the contrary, I really like the fact that people cared about workers and their rights! We live in an ugly capitalistic cannibalism where nobody cares about anything else rather than profit.  Anyway, this post isn’t about the pros and cons of communism or capitalism.

As I wrote in the beginning I’m looking into houses for sale. We (my partner and I) are considering to buy and own a  house in the future, when will have the money for the deposit that is. There are many reasons to buy your own house, like for example we won’t need 6 months  searching to look for a house that will accept our catchild. Or we will be able to paint a wall, or hang a picture. Or plant some flowers, or some vegetables etc.. Additionally, I would say that the most important reason is that the monthly mortgage payment will be the same (if not less) as a monthly rent… Therefore, I would say  it’s a no-brainer  that is better to have your own house.

Anyway, while I was going through a couple of property websites I realised that all the new PRIVATE development that I was looking, were all the same! The same houses the one next to the other. One house development in one area and the same development in another area. And not only that, but the interior spaces? (I want to scream) AWFUL! No consideration of the everyday life and the peoples needs at all!

The developers shouts “3 bed detached” or “3 bed semi-detached” “for only 150.000!” and I’m like ok that’s great, one room will be my studio/office and the other for family when they visit and when we’ll have a baby will go for the baby. Who am I kidding? Anyway, after the rooms and the price I move to the photos and the plans. What I see is ridiculous! A very small entrance, no space to place a shoes storage unit or something similar or somewhere to hang your coat. Next, is the living room where it’s like impossible for a 3 seated sofa to fit in there, no coffee table is required  you can place your cup of tea or coffee and cookies on the floor. The cat will be delighted.

Then of course the toilet under the stairs, no utility room available. Well, who needs a utility room? The weather here in Northern Ireland is always sunny, you don’t need a tumble dryer. Therefore the sun will take care of your clothes. Because drying your clothes in the house, placing them on the radiators isn’t good for the interior space and for the health. What other solution do you have other than the sun? None, and the sun is free, doesn’t require any electric energy. Clever, right?

Finally, we have the first floor and the “3” bedrooms plus a “family” bathroom. One master with en-suite. A second one that can fit a single bed and a small wardrobe. A third one that can fit only a wardrobe. REALLY? REALLY? No, tell me are you serious?  A room that can fit only a wardrobe? And you sell that thing as a 3 bed house? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Without a utility room, without a storage space, with no space to place your shoes. A small living room and useless en-suit.  REALLY? 150.000£ for this shit (excuse my language)?  A house that was built exactly the same as 100 other houses, but with only one thing in mind! And no, this thing isn’t the users’ needs. It’s PROFIT.

In conclusion, we live in a communistic neo-architectural dictatorship. A communistic approach to a capitalistic architecture. Well done architects, constructors and developers; you are useless…

And you see the problem is that people who want to buy a house don’t really have many options. New houses have a good EPC rating. Thus, better energy efficiency. Therefore, better interior environment. Unfortunately, it is really rare to find a new house out of a development. Usually, when you find it, it probably costs around a million. And this is why I say dictatorship. Cause you don’t have any option! It is what it is, or rather it is what they serve us!

We don’t have options, (dictatorship – customizing your kitchen cupboard doors doesn’t count) we are like doomed to buy a house (architecture) that doesn’t fit our needs (capitalism), without personality (communism), and for a lot of money! (capitalism again). We have past the postmodern architecture era. We live in the communistic neo-architectural dictatorship era…

Anyway, I personally believe that if architectural studios/ offices/ companies hired Interior Designers and were also concerned a bit more about users’ needs, houses would be much much greater. Until then, I guess we’ll have to buy and live in an uncomfortable house that gets to our nerves every time we are inside it… At least it will be ours, hurray! #not

Until next time, be well and happy!





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