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Normal Position – Show Position, Platform Arts

Normal Position - Show Position Exhibition Last year there was one big change in my life. I graduated from Ulster Univesity with a Post Graduate Diploma in Design! But that wasn't a big change. The big change was my enrolment in a new MFA course, in Fine Art this time! [...]

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The Bully Pulpit, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Belfast Exposed

The Bully Pulpit by Haley Morris-Cafiero It's not always easy to talk about sensitive subjects. Subjects like any kind of harassment, or any kind of bullying and in general anything that can cause a trauma on our psychosynthesis. I am not a specialist on this subject and I can only [...]

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Belfast Exposed Gallery: Islands and Myths Exhibition

Islands and Myths, Belfast Exposed Gallery I truly believe that art is for everybody and I mean EVERYBODY. Forget social status, colours, races, disabilities, or whatever else silly people might think to divide human beings, Art IS FOR ALL! And Belfast Exposed Gallery is open to all. Art also has the [...]

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The Dictatorship of the Communistic Neo-architecture

Let me ask you a question, have you been in any property site lately? Have you maybe been browsing the new developments in your area? Have you noticed anything significant? My answer to my questions is that yes, I have been on property sites almost every day, to see new [...]

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